Bulletin 9/13/21

Sep 9, 2021 | Blog

    Welcome to Worship

“Helping People Fall In Love with Jesus”


Bring your games and salads, we will fellowship and enjoy each other for the Third Thursday Game day, September 16th at 3:00 pm.

ALABASTER OFFERING – This offering is one place where loose change has built churches and brought properties in Mission areas for over 70 years.  This offering is taken twice a year and  100% goes to help with physical needs of mission churches.   Please consider how you can respond to this effect offering that will be taken Sunday, September 26th.

COVID PROTOCOL – With a second wave of Covid hitting our area hard we want to make sure that our people are safe.  Please note the following recommendations from the CDC as well as our local protocol:

  • If you are feeling sick and running a fever, please stay home.  If you suspect a family member or work associate has Covid please quarantine yourself as well.
  • As you enter the church, Hand Sanitizer and masks are available for you to use at your discretion.  Please use discretion with hugging and sanitize your hands after hand shaking.

WEDNESDAY IN THE WORD – With school back in session our Children’s & Youth Wednesday program is in full swing.  Discipleship is happening on Wednesday nights, do not miss out!  Our Holiness Study with Dr. Roberson at 5:00 pm and Proverbs Dialogue “Living Like King’s Kids”, with Pastor David at 6:15 pm provides a midweek Bible study for all ages. This Fall keep your spiritual batteries charged!  


PRIME TIMERS GAME DAY – Thursday, September 16th 3:00 pm

PASTOR CHURCH BOARD REVIEW – Thursday, September 23rd 6:30 pm

ALABASTER SUNDAY – Sunday, September 26th


Today:         Intercessory Prayer             9:15 am

                        Coffee, Donuts & Fellowship                                         9:30 am

        Sunday School         9:45 am

        Morning Worship       10:45 am

        Evening Worship         6:00 pm

Mon:       Gladiator Boot Camp (Fitness Training)         10:00 am 

Wed:       Gladiator Boot Camp           10:00 am

      Holiness Dialogue – Dr Roberson         5:00 pm

      Living Like King’s Kids (Proverbs 20) – Pastor David         6:15 pm

      Children & Youth Ministry         6:15 pm

This week we lift in Prayer

Fran Rigby Family, Scott Saddler, Kyle Davidson, Rev. Greg Fleck

Bobby Pedigo, Johnny Rigby, Rev. Bo Stevens, Cliff Johnson, Ted Johnson,

Rev. Chad & Rev. Jacey Townsley, Rev. Joe Ballard Parents, Afghanistan Christians, Nathan Ogeda,  David & Peggy Keeling Family, Audrey Streck, 

Ashley & Braxton Voigt, Brittany Hamilton, Jody Cox, Tom McCauley, Junior Hamilton, Kevin Stanley, Shelly Harley, Roger McElroy, Miriam Roberson, 

Annette and Steve Ogeda

Continued Prayers… 

Service – Eran Saddler, Johnathan Roberson, Jerry Baker

Dee Ingle, Alice Stewart, Miriam Roberson, Sadie Jewel Stewart, 

Donnasue Henderson, Julia Cox, Andy Cox, Savannah Hamilton, 

Teresa Baker, Nelwyn Nichols, Mark Klink

Ministries & Missionaries… New Creation, Alex Hammontree (missionary to Haiti), Ben & Hannah Ponder (Serbia), Phil & Katy Rodebush (LINKS Missionaries), 

The Mullen Family (South Asia), Cactus Nazarene Ministry Center

Welcome to

Martin’s Chapel Church of the Nazarene

September 12, 2021

NORTHern MUG CLUB – Martin’s Chapel has joined the NORTHern Mug Club!  For less than the cost of a mug of coffee a day, we as a church will be supporting Rob & Cindy North as they serve on the mission field of Africa Nazarene University.  Our Mission department has chosen our Sunday Evening Offering once a month during Mission Worship to support these missionaries to ANU.  Due to extenuating circumstances with the government of Kenya and COVID, the North’s funding as missionaries has ended.  Our $55 a month will keep these servants on the field.