Bulletin 6/6/21

Jun 6, 2021 | Bulletins

FAMILY REVIVAL – We are excited to have Evangelist Jerry Moyer speak this morning as we begin our “Family Revival”. The remainder of our services will be in the gym as we enjoy the exciting worship experience that the Jubilee Gang provides. This fast paced, up tempo praise and worship will touch the hearts of the whole family. We encourage everyone to support this revival. This will take the place of our VBS so help us get the word out so we can reach our neighboring communities for Christ! The revival will be 6:30 nightly, tonight June 6th – Tuesday June 8th. Please invite families and friends that you know and let us make this a great opportunity to share the good news of Jesus to the families of our area!

GLADIATOR BOOT CAMP – THIS fitness camp that meets in our parking lot each Monday and Wednesday at 10:00 am has had a great start. This is a great workout for all fitness levels and is led by Kindra Monahan, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. You can still participate, please see pastor David for a one-week free coupon. Go to campgladiator.com for more details and pricing for the bootcamp. In case of incremental weather, the session will be held in the gym.

WEDNESDAY IN THE WORD – Praise God for 52 in our Wednesday ministry Programs. Anytime is a good time to grow in your knowledge of God and His word. Please make the effort to join us in our Wednesday Bible studies and prayer initiatives on Wednesday evenings. We had 26 teens and children, 22 Adults and 6 workers. Things are happening on Wednesday nights!

OUR NURSERY IS OPEN – Our Nursery has been closed due to renovations! We now have a mural wall that reminds us that God has a plan even when the chaotic waters rise. We pray that each family and precious child that uses this remodeled area will be reminded of the hope that comes through faith in God. Thank you for your patience!

HOW TO VISIT MS. ALICE – Alice is a resident at Arbor Grace, 2700 S. Henderson Blvd. Room 204, Kilgore, TX 75662. If you want to visit Ms. Alice, contact the front desk 903-984-3511 to schedule visitation. You need to make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance so they can monitor how many guests are in the building.
A mask must be always worn while in the building and in Alice’s room.


Today: Intercessory Prayer 9:15 am
Sunday School 9:45 am
Morning Worship 10:45 am
Family Revival with the “Jubilee Gang” 6:30 pm

Mon – Tue: Family Revival with the “Jubilee Gang” 6:30 pm

Wed: Holiness Bible Study from OT & Rev (Dr. Roberson) 5:00 pm
“Living Like Kings Kids” – Prov. Ch. 8 (Pastor David) 6:15 pm
Teen Time 6:15 pm

This week we lift in Prayer… Annete Ogeda, Jack Campbell Family, Tom McCauley, Vito Baruzza, Teresa Baker, Bennie Cagle, Betty Martin, Nelwyn Nichols,
Chad Dingler, Ronnie Dixon, Rivi Saddler, TJ Nelson, *Mark Klink, Gary Watkins,
Miriam Roberson, Fran Rigby, Steve Ogeda, Robin Henry (Britni’s cousin), Julie Campbell, Rachel Dean (Friend of Mary Klink)

Continued Prayers… Eran Saddler (Service), Johnathan Roberson (Service),
Jerry Baker (service), Taylor Bridwell (Navy), Kathy McClure, Savannah Hamilton, Sadie Jewel Stewart, DonnaSue Henderson, Julia Cox, Miriam Roberson, Andy Cox,
Dee Ingle, Wanda Childers, Alice Stewart

Ministries & Missionaries… New Creation, The Hord Family (Lesotho, Africa), Alex Hammontree (missionary to Haiti), Ben & Hannah Ponder (Serbia), Phil & Katy Rodebush (LINKS Missionaries), The Mullen Family (South Asia), Cactus Nazarene Ministry Center

June 6 – 8th Children’s Revival, “Jubilee Gang” at MC, 6pm
June 20 Father’s Day
June 28–July 2 Teen Camp, Scottsville
July 4 Rob & Cindy North, missionaries to Kenya
July 17-19 Family Camp, Scottsville (noon – noon)
July 11-12 District Assembly
July 17 Jennifer Malone & Bobby Bonnette Wedding 4 pm