Bulletin 7/18/21

Jul 16, 2021 | Bulletins

BAPTISM CLASS – Thank you to all who attended our Baptism Class during Sunday School this morning. If you were unable to attend, we will be holding our pull-out class for our children and a parent / parents, who wish to be Baptized or would like more information about Baptism again Sunday July 18th. This will be during our regular Sunday School @ 9:45 on Sunday!

NORTHern MUG CLUB – Martin’s Chapel has joined the NORTHern Mug Club! For less than the cost of a mug of coffee a day, we as a church will be supporting Rob & Cindy North as they serve on the mission field of Africa Nazarene University. Our Mission department has chosen our Sunday Evening Offering once a month during Mission Worship to support these missionaries to ANU. Due to extenuating circumstances with the government of Kenya and COVID, the North’s funding as missionaries has ended. Our $55 a month will keep these servants on the field.

ALL CHURCH FELLOWSHIP – It is so good to be family. During this summer season, let’s get together next Sunday night, July 25th at 7:15 pm for a time of fellowship and games. Food will be provided. Bring your favorite board games and join us after service in the gym, everyone is invited.

WEDNESDAY IN THE WORD – Hot summer is a COOL time to study the Bible on Wednesday nights. We offer you a “Holiness Study” from Old & New Testament passages at 5:00 pm with Dr. Roberson! Then a Dialogue Study of Proverbs at 6:15 pm with Pastor David can help you “Live Like a King’s Kid!” Bible Study, a meal and Youth Fellowship with Tater and Becky at 6:15 pm can keep your spiritual batteries charged! Discipleship is happening on Wednesday nights, do not miss out! PS, we will leave the AC on!


August 22 -25    Fall Revival with George Holley @ Martin’s Chapel
August 26 –29   Fall Revival with George Holley @ Henderson CotN
August 28th         Ann & Junior ‘s Wedding Anniv. (Troup Library)


Today: Intercessory Prayer 9:15 am
Coffee, Donuts & Fellowship 9:30 am
Sunday School 9:45 am
Morning Worship 10:45 am
Missionary Worship 6:00 pm

Mon: Gladiator Boot Camp (Fitness Training) 10:00 am

Tue: Walking in the Gym (AC will be on) 10:00 am

Wed: Gladiator Boot Camp 10:00 am
Holiness Bible Study from OT & NT – (Dr. Roberson) 5:00 pm
“Living Like Kings Kids” – Proverbs 14 (Pastor David) 6:15 pm
Teen Time 6:15 pm

Thur: Walking in the Gym (AC will be on) 10:00 am

This week we lift in Prayer… Tom McCauley, Orin Davidson Family,
Jodie Neely, Willard & Debbie Martin, Freddie Martin Family, Scotty Martin,
Annete Ogeda, Teresa Baker, Bennie Cagle, Nelwyn Nichols, Chad Dingler,
Mark Klink, Miriam Roberson, Fran Rigby, Steve Ogeda,
Robin Henry (Britni’s cousin), Rachel Dean (Friend of Mary Klink)

Continued Prayers… Eran Saddler (Service), Johnathan Roberson (Service),
Jerry Baker (service), Kathy McClure, Savannah Hamilton, Sadie Jewel Stewart, Donnasue Henderson, Julia Cox, Andy Cox, Dee Ingle, Wanda Childers, Alice Stewart

Ministries & Missionaries… New Creation, The Hord Family (Lesotho, Africa), Alex Hammontree (missionary to Haiti), Ben & Hannah Ponder (Serbia), Phil & Katy Rodebush (LINKS Missionaries), The Mullen Family (South Asia), Cactus Nazarene Ministry Center